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I-FLOW is committed to providing associates with competitive benefits, including the opportunity to save for their future.

-Paid Time Off (PTO)

-Access to competitive health and welfare benefits

o -Retirement Preparation Programs such as profit-sharing

Internal Responsibility

· In I-FLOW, associate commitment is elevated to a higher new level. When you work for I-FLOW, you’re an owner rather than just an associate. With that comes responsibility., among which, environmental stewardship and sustainability are always a priority.

o -Sense of Ownership for all associates 

 -Upholding Core Values

-Community Involvement  

-Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

Social Responsibility

· I-Flow feels obligated to do necessary, fruitful, productive work to repay the society, as we as an enterprise, are the product of the society and economy.

Donation under the COVID-19 situation

o Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Visiting and caring for civilians in poverty

Environmental Activities

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