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Research & Development

From product design to customer requirements, I-Flow Valve Group is composed of valve expert team with profound industry and product knowledge, using the most advanced 3D design software, from concept to detailed design and verification, to production details. The design verification process includes finite element analysis of stress, deflection, thermal effect and flow and computational fluid dynamics simulation.

I- Flow Valve uses front-end design and development tools to develop and improve product designs to ensure that products consistently meet the highest international standards.

Quality Control

We adopt advanced assembly line modeling technology, clean working environment and high production efficiency. After smelting molten steel undergoes strict chemical testing, it is cast into a sand mold. The processing equipment is advanced CNC machine tools and machine tools specially used for valves, with high processing precision and fast speed. The spraying adopts advanced assembly line electrostatic spraying, which is environmentally friendly and economical, with uniform thickness, good adhesion and good anti-corrosion performance. Each valve is tested for pressure and size to ensure quality. Each process link has professional inspectors to check the quality. There are also three coordinates, spectrometer, X-ray, etc, to ensure zero defects in the product.

Advanced molding technology

The molten steel is subject to strict chemical testing

Advanced CNC machine tools and special valve processing equipment

Advanced assembly line electrostatic spraying equipment

Each valve is pressure tested

There are professional inspectors in every process

Advanced inspection equipment


Quality Assurance

I-FLOW owns research and development team, and is managed strictly under ISO 9001 quality control system,The quality assurance system is established to ensure continuous quality expectations or to exceed international standards.

The testing instruments of I- Flow are tested and calibrated every year by the calibration institute certified by ISO/IEC 17025:2005, which guarantees the foundation of I- Flow's quality management system. I- Flow's control over the quality of raw materials is guaranteed by a strict supplier qualification system. Each batch of materials is inspected using nondestructive testing methods and recorded to ensure compliance with the requirements of each order.

The quality culture of I- Flow in international standard valve products, actively dealing with problems and improving products, has won great praise and recognition in the industry.