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Butterfly-Valve-Be-Used-In Paint-Circulating-System

Time: 7-Aug 2022 | Source: I-FLOW| Share

Butterfly valve

Lug type

Design MSS-SP-67, API609

Testing API598

Compatible with ANSI 125/150 flanges

Material: ductile iron body, SS316 disc, SS420 stem, EPDM/PTFE seat

Size range2.5"-16"

Working pressure200psiEPDM seat),150psiPTFE seat



IFLOW® Butterfly Valve Be Used In Paint Circulating System  

Paint circulating system is a process where paint is continuously circulated, filtered, and recirculated through a paint system in order to maintain the quality and consistency of the paint.

This process is especially important in industrial applications where high-quality paint finishes are required, such as automotive.


Choosing IFLOW® butterfly valve for your paint system will prove to be your advantage.

-Meets API-609 and MSS-SP-67 specifications for design and testing

-Silicone free from our factory, no aftermarket cleaning required

-Low torque and ISO mounting-easy automation

Silicone Free Compliance Procedures

How to ensure that all IFLOW® VALVE are free of silicone, and paint compatible with both waterborne and solventborne paint materials?

-Be isolated in a designated area to prevent cross contaminationdustfree workshop)

-Assembled dry, without lubricants

-Cleaning operation by ultrasonic cleaning equipment

-Individually bagged

The Automotive Industry Has A Significant Growth Potential!

We are looking forward to work together with business parnter and will be fully support on Product Capacity, Quality, Service and R&D. 

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